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Important Information

The courses we offer at HLSTC are delivered in a way which ensures you progress steadily and safely, so that you thoroughly enjoy the learning process and gain confidence in the sports. We hope that you become as passionate about these exhilarating sports as we are and we will work hard to guarantee that you enjoy the whole experience.  In order to get the best out of your experience with us there are a few points to note when booking, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Choosing the Right Course

Some courses require a certain level of competence or qualification before you can start them, so please take time to read through the descriptions of the schemes and individual courses.  For the improver and higher level courses you should have completely mastered the skills taught in the previous level, a rough guide is about a season’s worth of practice in between.  If you are just starting it's fine to go straight from Level 1 to Level 2, in fact, this is the best way to make quick progress.

About RYA Qualifications

RYA courses each have a set syllabus and standards required to attain a certificate. Reaching the standard should be realistic within the timescale of each course but sometimes more time, input or practice may be required.

Please also note that the Youth Scheme is in ‘Stages’, the National Sailing Scheme (Adult Scheme) is in ‘Levels’: Stage 3 Youth is roughly equivalent to Level 2 Adult.  Please remember this when booking.

After the Course

The best advice is to start practising your new skills as soon as possible after the course, and there’s no better way than to join HLSTC as a Member.  You don’t have to rush out and buy a boat... our annual Boat Pass lets you use the club boats whenever we are open.  You need to reach level 2 before you’re on your own, but we offer generous discounts on our membership and members get discounts on courses!

Family Friendly

We know that there are quite a few parents who’d like to learn with their children.  To make this possible all our Level 1 weekends are also 'Family Friendly', when up to two children can sail with one or two adults (could be Mum, Dad, Grand-Parent, Aunt or Uncle...).  Discount rate for the children!  Minimum age for children is 8.

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Further Courses and Tuition in Dinghy Sailing

What next…?  Once you’ve reached level 2, and hopefully had a chance to practice the skills you learnt, why not look at completing one or more of the advanced modules.  These courses each focus on the specific skills relating to a specific area of dinghy sailing.

Private Tuition

Individual or private group courses can be arranged through the office.  Weekdays or weekends are available for private tuition and the cost will vary depending on the activity and participants. Contact us for further details and costs for 1:1 or private group tuition.

Joining Instructions

Meals:  The HLSTC Galley/Bar will be open over lunch times when courses are running.  There is a selection of hot and cold snacks and drinks available.  Order at the start of each day with your instructor so lunch will be ready as soon as you take your break from the activities.  Alternatively, you could bring a packed lunch...  there are picnic benches on the terrace and club house seating.

Equipment:  Buoyancy aids and wet-suits are provided on all Youth courses.  You’ll need to bring a change of footwear; something with grip that you can get wet: Trainers and plimsolls are ideal... crocs, flip flops and wellies are not suitable.  Swimsuits and towels are essential.  In addition, light-weight, quick-drying layers are advisable: Fleece and jersey fabrics are best.   You may wish to bring waterproofs for wet weather.   There are hot showers available at the end of the day.  Please remember to bring sun-cream, hat and plenty of fluids in the heat and a warm hat and coat in cold weather.

Photography:  We may on occasions take photographs or video footage of our courses and instruction, in which you may feature.  By accepting the T&Cs on the booking system you are agreeing to these photos being used by HLSTC, unless you inform us in writing to the contrary.  No photographs may be taken at HLSTC unless with permission from the Principal.

All students will be given a safety brief at the beginning of the course and are expected to abide by our safety regulations.  Students are advised not to leave valuables in the changing rooms, and there are small lockers available for this purpose.  Expensive items that are not essential should be left at home.  Cars are not permitted in club grounds except for disabled users.  All course prices include the relevant certificates and logbooks which will be issued on successful completion of the course.  Replacement logbooks and certificates can be purchased from the office, as can accompanying technical publications.  The end of course de-brief will include details of our great membership offer, which gives a real saving on your first year if you join us.  And remember... at HLSTC you don’t have to buy a boat to go sailing!

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