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Dinghy Sailing and Powerboat Instructor Courses

If you are enthusiastic about your sport and would enjoy teaching other people, why not sign-up to train to be an RYA Instructor.  This qualification is recognised at all RYA Inland Training Centres, with the option of converting to a Coastal qualification should you wish to teach at a coastal venue.  If you haven’t reached the age of 16, or wish to work in a support role, the Assistant Instructor course may be the perfect choice.  The Assistant Instructor award is ‘site-specific’ and so is only open to HLSTC members.

RYA Dinghy Sailing Instructor Course

Whether you are interested in teaching dinghy sailing as a career or hobby, this is your course!  You should be an experienced sailor, with a wide range of skills and passionate about introducing others to the sport.  Ideally you will have completed some RYA Advanced modules.

The minimum age is 16 and you will need Powerboat Level 2 and a valid First Aid certificate.  You will also be asked to demonstrate your competency by completing a Pre-Entry Assessment prior to the course.   The D.I. course takes approximately 50 hours and is taught by an RYA Dinghy Coach/Assessor.  Students are trained and assessed during the course on preparation, delivery and on communication skills, including giving presentations.  A moderation takes place at the end of the course by another Coach / Assessor.

Please contact the office to book this course and discuss what may need to be completed beforehand, including arranging a pre-entry assessment.

RYA Pre-Entry Dinghy Sailing Assessment

This pre-course assessment is a prerequisite for Dinghy Instructor training. It will test your sailing ability and is conducted by an RYA Coach/Assessor.  Sailing a dinghy with a Portsmouth Yardstick of less than 1230, you will demonstrate your competency in the following manoeuvres:  Sailing a triangular course; sailing the same course without a rudder; tight circles; come-alongside; man-overboard recovery; lee-shore landings and follow my leader.  Contact the HLSTC office to arrange your assessment.

RYA Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment

Before coming on your Powerboat Instructor Course, you’ll need to complete a skills assessment. Based on the practical skills of the level 2 Powerboat qualification and a test of background theory knowledge, this assessment will ensure that you have the technical skills required and give you confidence to go forward onto the course.  Contact the HLSTC office to arrange your assessment.

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